Sunday, March 20, 2011

Black coffee? What the shit?!

Hello Awesome Biotches! Well I thought I would give you an update to my daily eating regime as I have successfully completed my 2nd vegan weekend. Still going strong and feeling full of fiber! 3 things to note:
1.      I am drinking BLACK coffee- what the f*** is going on?! A month ago this would have been crazy talk. As in, “admit me now, I’m a genuine crazy bitch” talk. Now…it’s my reality. Holy shit!
2.      I am getting significantly fuller faster, therefore eating less- a nice bonus for not supporting the industry of factory farming. However, the below material may look like I’m still pigging out.
3.      I will never buy wool again, and you shouldn’t either. Research it people, it’s out of this world awful.  I’d be happy to post some information if anyone is interested.

Tomorrow night I am excited (and anxious) to finally sit down and watch the film Earthlings. I’ve been avoiding it, much like I’ve been avoiding making this drastic diet change, but it’s an experience I need to have and I’m sure will motivate me to continue my lifestyle choice. Our good friend Chris Wray will be joining us and hopefully bringing along some of his delicious non dairy banana ice cream!

This is the run down on what I’ve eaten the last few days. I’ve been documenting it with detail so I can accurately share it with you, for those of you that are venturing through this with me.
Here goes!
Thursday (I had a dental cleaning which upset my stomach, so my evening meal was light):
1 apple
2 cups black coffee
Black bean chipotle garden burger on a whole wheat pita pocket w/Annie’s BBQ sauce (yum yum!)
Cucumber hummus and sweet potato chips
Baby spinach salad w/balsamic & walnuts

Friday (fasting for lent, 1 meal):
3 cups black coffee
1 blueberry tea
Large salad loaded w/lots of veggies- broccoli, cucumbers, okra, carrots, tomatoes, French dressing

Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal (LOVE!!) & soy milk
1 coffee w/vanilla soy creamer (weekend treat!)
Big salad with lots of chick peas, red beans, and veggies & a cup of vegan butter bean soup
(@ Souper salad w/mom and dad-yum yum!)
Quinoa with seasonal vegetables (at Yia Yia’s for swanky dinner party- BIG thank you to executive chef Jake Lippencott and friend for making this special dish for me! So good!).
2 GS lemonade cookies

Organic flax plus granola w/soy milk
Lots of cucumber hummus and sweet potato chips
1 GS lemonade cookie
Approx ½ cup vegetarian baked beans (they’re vegan really) and a soy hot dog (YAY BEANS AND WEENIES woot woot!)
Baked sweet potato w/cinnamon, steamed broccoli cauliflower and carrots, apple sauce, salad w/tomato and Italian dressing
Handful of peanuts

See how much I eat! It’s ridiculous! I’m very satisfied, and feeling great about my choices.
I’ve also been more regularly going to the gym, which I loathe, but it feels like a natural process. While my veganism isn’t necessarily a total health focus, it’s definitely a large part of living a fuller and more wholesome lifestyle. Ok! That’s it!

Love and peace bitches.  Lisa’s blog out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 1

So I'm not sure if it's more difficult to start a blog or to be a vegan. Both have its challenges for sure.
Today is week 1 into my vegan adventure. 1 full week vegan and I'm feeling pretty good. So far no late night secret trips to Dairy Queen or sneaking a kit kat out of the office candy drawer. I plan to write down what I eat everyday in hopes to make it clear to myself (and anyone who may actually read this) that I'm definitely not depriving myself. Do I feel different yet? Not really. I've lost around 4lbs I think, which is nice for 1 week. I've not gone hungry at all, and have already delved straight into the vegan indulging of soy ice cream and chocolate almond milk (HOLY MOLY it's so good...why do people drink cow’s milk?!). I intend to take some before and after pictures too. I'll try to get them uploaded tonight, if I can figure it out. I openly admit I am not a STRICT vegan yet, but I'm trying. Today I read about D3- a common vitamin in cereal that apparently is derived from wool? D3 is a synthetic vitamin added to foods that is created from lanolin. Lanolin is water and oil from sheep's wool. Gross much? I mean seriously, who figures this stuff out? La dee da I think I'll boil me up some sheep wool, skim off the oil, and see what happens....laaaa dee dah. Ga-ross. The sad news is this is in my wonderful cinnamon burts cheerios (which I ate for breakfast this morning). Will I no longer eat this cereal? I don't know. I read on PETA that supporting foods that are basically 99.9% vegan is a good way to ensure the industry that there is a market for vegan food out there. I'm sure there are many who disagree with that.
 What I do know is that I'm making steps. No pizza, no mac n cheese, no ice cream, no scrambled egg sandwiches (huge sad face as my husband makes the very best), no miracle whip, no butter, no cheese on my tostadas. Considering my eating habits just a week ago (yes...late night trips to Dairy Queen were VERY Normal), this is good a good week 1. I'll definitely continue my research and do the best I possibly can.

This is what I've eaten today:
Handful of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios (this was before I read about D3)
Amy's frozen meal-black eyed peas and vegetables (I'm not going to lie...this wasn't good).
2 pickle spears
A butt ton (that's an official measure) of water
1 cup blueberry tea
Dinner: Baby spinach salad with slivered almonds and balsamic vinegar, 4 grape tomatoes
& 2 Lemonade girl scout cookies!!!

Wow. Today is not my healthiest day. Well, I still have dinner to go. And I'm trying.

Yay! I blogged! Lisa's blog out.